Tuesday, 4 August 2009


  1. What a beautiful concept for a blog! I love it, especially your use of the date stamp. How come no one uses these any more? Your images and journal are totally inspiring since I, too, collect scraps of this and that because I know one day they will bring back great memories or spark a new idea.

  2. i just LOVE your collages, so inspiring and creative! very impressed. xo

  3. Just stumbled across our blog. It's fabulous! So inspiring. Katie x

  4. Hello honey - I forgot to mention that I mentioned you as one of the blogs that I read in the Blogging for Bliss book, I only mentioned you and another blog :)

    U know i love ya over here xx

    Love Happy xx

  5. i really loved finding you here (following a link off your other blog). the photos are inspiring and i am realising that i have *no idea* which magazines to read in the uk to collect such delicious images.

    any help with locating a selection would be appreciated

    leonie (originally from new zealand, living in london & desperately seeking inspiration)