Monday, 19 May 2008

Bye for now, with a wedding, another new job and My other blog taking up most of my time I'm going to have to leave-record the day-on the back burner for a while.

Thanks for all your comments and encouragement. You have been a big part in my inspiration to keep writing and posting. So if you are free, I would love for you to spend some time with me over at Lobster and Swan.


  1. I've been reading this blog via Bloglines since you started it- not sure I ever commented on it, but it's been fun playing a game of spotting things from magazines i've read, Saturday papers and recently i've been guessing there's been a wedding in the pipeline. I've kind of enjoyed not really knowing what was happening in your life, just viewing it at a remove and making up my own story for what's been going on. I've added your Lobster and Swan blog to my bloglines now so I guess i'll find out all about you for real now. Congratulations and good luck for the future!

  2. Your collages are amazing! So beautful! I am so inspired by them!

  3. so funny you were the first to comment on today's post since i thought about you on my morning walk. i passed by a wall with a tag scribbled on it and thought it said 'jeska' but it said 'jesra'. made me wonder how often people around the world think about other blog people they've never met irl. i do very often.